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World's Most Advanced Laser Hair Growth Treatment for Safe and Effective Home Use! 

5mw 650nm lasers are the gold standard for hair loss treatment and unlike other laser helmets that space the lasers out to keep costs down and manage heat, Headlight uses a unique Dense Array technology that allows Headlight to pack in 300 defuse 5mw 650nm lasers, ensuring that you get the coverage and energy density that you need for safe and effective treatment.

At Spectralight we set out to make the world's best laser light delivery system for the treatment of hair loss and that means no compromises allowed. In simple terms, you need 300 lasers to achieve full and effective coverage of your scalp, anything less than 300 lasers and you get gaps in coverage and less than optimal results.




World First Patented Active Cooling System

5mw lasers are known as cold lasers because the light they generate doesn’t burn, in fact you will not feel any heat using these lasers, even with 300 of them!

However putting 300 lasers together in such close proximity, creates enough radiated heat to be a problem for the lasers. This is why we designed the world's first active cooling system for a laser helmet.

Spectralight's patented laser cooling technology is totally unique and is so critical, because without it, the lasers would need to be spaced further apart, meaning that you simply wouldn’t get the energy density that you need.

This has never been done before because no other laser helmet delivers this kind of power and coverage!




Unique PulseDrive Technology

Headlight is powered by our unique PulseDrive control unit giving you access to the very latest LLLT technology with both constant wave light and new pulsed light treatment modes!

In pulsed mode the lasers are pulsed which may help to improve the stimulation and effectiveness of the therapy.

PulseDrive is also battery powered making your Headlight portable and super convenient to use.





World First Patented Smart Headband

Delivering the right amount of laser energy in the right place is not achieved by the lasers alone. A significant part of this puzzle is to ensure that the lasers are positioned above the surface of your scalp (and not directly on your scalp like most other helmets) this ensures that the laser energy is the correct intensity when it reaches your scalp.

We all have different size and shaped heads and to cater for this Headlight uses our unique smart headband.

Our patented design allows the headband to “separate” from the sides of the helmet ensuring that your head is always positioned in the optimal treatment zone for the lasers, regardless of your head size. 



Unparalleled Design


Headlight has been specifically designed to address all of the major challenges of Low Level Laser Therapy for hair loss.

Unlike other laser helmets that space the lasers out to manage heat and keep cost down, Headlight has 300 defuse 5mw 650nm lasers packed in close together thanks to our dense array technology ensuring that you get the energy density that you need for effective treatment and to manage the heat we developed (and patented) the world's first active cooling system for a laser helmet.

Effective treatment also means that the lasers need to be positioned above your scalp, not directly on your scalp like most other helmets. That's why we designed (and patented) our smart headband, which ensures that Headlight's lasers are correctly offset from your scalp.

To top it all off we tapped into the latest research into LLLT and added the ability to pulse Headlight's lasers with our unique PulseDrive control unit. All these elements added together make Headlight the most advanced and best laser helmet available!

If you agree that all these unique features make Headlight the best laser helmet for the treatment of hair loss please click here to learn more

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